My name is Sara and I’m a 4th year philosophy and political studies student at Trent University. My areas of research and specialization are feminist philosophy, gender and politics, ethics, and Canadian law and policy. I have created this website for class named “Growing Gap: Gender (in)Justice in Canada” and intend to use it as an educational resource about sex work.

I will be making my own posts from a feminist standpoint that does not shame sex workers or call for prohibition of sex work.

My general standpoint regarding sex work is that sex workers and the work that they do are wrongfully stigmatized. I believe that the harm associated with sex work comes from society’s view on it and the laws that get in the way of it being safe and fully enjoyable. If one chooses to go into sex work, s/he should be respected. All harms from sex work come from a lack of respect of sex workers. I want to disassociate sex work from human trafficking. Sex work involves choice; therefore, sex work does not include human trafficking.


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